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Stay safe at home in Indianapolis by staying away from these home security errors

October 23, 2023
Placing house keys under a welcome mat

Are you using your kids’ names as your Wi-Fi password? Putting a key outside for a friend or neighbor? Unfortunately, people put their properties and loved ones at risk each day by being lax or forgetful about security. Don’t be among them. Preferably, stay safe at home in Indianapolis by steering clear of these common home security blunders.

Mistake No. 1: Keeping windows and doors unsecured

Isn’t it fantastic when you can open windows and doors to invite in a refreshing, cool breeze? Just remember to close them when you depart! You may be shocked by the amount of people who are careless about locking these key entryways, the most common locations for intruders to gain admittance.

Do you ever forget to lock your doors? What if you could use your smart home to lock your entrys for you? This functionality is now a possibility. You’ll stay safe at home in Indianapolis when you program your smart locks to automatically activate at particular times of the day or after they’ve been engaged. If you don’t want to set them, you may still access and activate your locks no matter where you are with your helpful smartphone app.

Mistake No. 2: Choosing to self-monitor in Indianapolis

Urgent events frequently happen at the worst possible times. Visualize being on a trip and swimming in the lake when a smoke detector is tripped. Or, suppose there’s an emergency when your smartphone is off during a doctor’s appointment. When it comes to home security, a backup is necessary. A respected monitoring service won’t ever miss an alarm and works rapidly to get help for all kinds of emergencies. Monitoring on your own can lead to trouble as you can’t be available all the time. Get the assistance and peace of mind you have a right to with skilled monitoring specialists.

Mistake No. 3: Letting packages accumulate on your Indianapolis doorstep

Letting packages pile up on your doorstep is a temptation to prowlers. Don’t encourage them. Alternatively, get your deliveries as soon as they appear with the aid of your home security system. The latest video doorbells will send notifications through your mobile device app when something is delivered and can even differentiate between packages, people, cars, and animals. This feature is helpful in minimizing unwanted alerts.

Mistake No. 4: Careless home network security

Wireless home security installations have provided a new world of remote access. You can review video feeds, activate locks, and even adjust your thermostat from wherever you are. But you need to make sure your home network is safeguarded. Negligent network security is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. You can avoid this by doing the following:

  • Choose strong passwords and never use the default password on equipment like routers.
  • Utilize current Wi-Fi security practices.
  • Put home security components on a different network, away from the guest network that provides internet access to friends and family.
  • Make sure you run software or firmware updates offered for your router and security components.

Stay away from security mistakes that put your Indianapolis home at risk

One of the easiest ways to steer clear of common home security mistakes in Indianapolis is by ordering an innovative smart home from Vivint. Tools like smart locks, remote access, and 24-hour professional monitoring will help safeguard your property day and night. Forget to lock your main entry or miss a pressing message? Not a problem! Your system and its professional monitoring agents will have your back. Call (317) 978-5706 today to learn more.